Gabriela suspects she may be pregnant.   Pressured and pushed away by a socially prominent family, Gabriela is faced with hard choices to make about her own life, and her future. Mama Rose, a Novel by Bernadene High Coleman

Through varying paths in life, and often tragic circumstance, Gabriela and her family grow-up after facing hurdles and issues of past and future. And they would finally come to know the true meaning of family.


I was made to realize that I am responsible for letting the world know about my work. It is up to them to interact with it; if I do not share it, if I don’t put it out there, then no one even has a choice of whether or not they want to read it.

Introducing my latest poetic journey,  SAFFRON and SAGE.

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...the bitter and sweet struggles of one woman to find a better life for her family...